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In each episode I cover topics relevant to competitors and non-competitors alike, cutting through the crap and talk about stuff that actually matters.  What you should focus on, how to get better, and how to apply the science of bodybuilding in a practical way.  I also feature guest interview, recurring segments, and a splash of my personal life as well.

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194 – Breaking Down the Lee Haney Games

This past Saturday I competed in Atlanta at the 2021 Lee Haney Games - in today's episode I recap the whole experience from peak week up through the events of show day and beyond.

193 – Volumizing Meals, Caloric Floor, Prep Partners

193 – Volumizing Meals, Caloric Floor, Prep Partners In today’s episode there’s a warning of changes coming! The Drop Set will be undergoing a little renovation soon and it’s all very exciting stuff – stay tuned and you’ll hear things as we get them rolled out. There’s a poll online at – click on over and cast your vote regarding BCAA use Also, I’ve got a new private group&hellip

The Drop Set – Episode 192: Prep Update, Social Media Anxiety, Way More

The Drop Set – Episode 192 Back for a solo episode today after a longer break than I expected due to some surprise travel – all details inside!

The Drop Set – Episode 191: IFBB Pro Janeen Lankowski

The Drop Set – Episode 191: IFBB Pro Janeen Lankowski Janeen brings 20 plus years of experience as a competitor and coach to our conversation as she’s about 2 weeks out from the Olympia – we talk about her background, posing philosophy, and the “no excuses” mindset it takes to compete at a high level.

The Drop Set – Episode 190: NQ NPC Classic Physique Competitor Brian Barber

The Drop Set, Episode 190 Brian joins us today to talk about a bunch of the ‘standard’ bodybuilding topics but also his unique work situation and how that impacts bodybuilding and his home life, as well as dealing with shoulder reconstruction and spinal fusion and how he’s had to adjust his training around those.

The Drop Set – Episode 189: Darin Goes Solo! Prep Update and More

The Drop Set – Episode 189 Today on The Drop Set…it’s just me! Sorry to disappoint – I’ve got another interview going online soon but I wanted to get this up first since I had some time set aside to record it and give everyone an update on how my prep is coming along. Also a couple questions tackling “things to know for a first show” and how to incorporate&hellip

The Drop Set – Episode 188: Made2Macro President & CEO Alexis Urso

The Drop Set – Episode 188: Alexis Urso Alexis Urso is the President & CEO of Made2Macro, a custom meal prep service provider based out of Florida. In our wide-ranging interview we talk about her business and how it works, some general meal strategies and ideas, what she’s up to and what’s in store for her business in the future.

The Drop Set – Episode 187: IFBB Pro Kelly Lynn Nauyokas Returns!

The Drop Set – Episode 187: Kelly Lynn Nauyokas On The Drop Set today our VERY FIRST repeat guest, IFBB Figure Pro, prep coach and posing coach Kelly Lynn Nauyokas returns for a very casual chat about just about everything – you know how we roll here.

The Drop Set – Episode 186: IFBB Figure Pro Paige Sabedra

The Drop Set – Episode 186: IFBB Figure Pro Paige Sabedra Today on The Drop Set I welcome Paige Sabedra, a long-time listener and contributor the podcast and brand new IFBB Pro, having won her card at the USA’s at the end of July. We discuss her plans for the future and her somewhat convoluted path to turning pro this year, with all the up’s and down’s that went with&hellip

The Drop Set – Episode 185: IFBB Pro Theresa Ivancik

The Drop Set – Episode 185 Today I welcome IFBB Pro Theresa Ivancik on to the podcast to talk about a little of everything. Theresa has been competing since 2007 and has loads of experience not only competing at a high level but also as a coach, trainer, and gym owner as well. Listen in and get a fresh perspective on bodybuilding from someone who lives it.

The Drop Set – Episode 184: Extreme Protocols w/IFBB Pro Stephanie Marie

The Drop Set – Episode 184 In today’s episode I’m joined by Stephanie Marie, and IFBB Pro WPD competitor turned bodybuilder who has become an active voice in speaking out against extreme diuretic and AAS protocols that are causing prolonged health issues in competitors and sometimes even death at a show or shortly after. In summary, because this is extremely important: whoever your coach is, follow nothing blindly. Ask questions.&hellip

The Drop Set – Episode 183: Darin’s Prep Update, Peak Week Abuse

The Drop Set – Episode 183 In this WELCOME BACK episode following an unplanned summer hiatus, I cover a lot of ground: bringing you up to speed on my studio time and my prep so far, and also touching base on some industry losses and peak week protocols gone wrong.