The Drop Set – Episode 140: IF Revisited, Vertical Diet

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The Drop Set – Episode 140

It’s dentist day on The Drop Set!  I lament my upcoming torture session in the chair and then we dig in to the topics of the day.

5:01 – a little perspective from Emily on how alcohol factors in (or doesn’t) when it comes to contest prep and I gotta say, this take is very refreshing

10:38 – have issues finishing a meal?  Yeah, me neither.  But Ashley does (sometimes) and there’s a right/wrong way to handle that situation.

27:04 – Craig had a couple questions regarding both intermittent fasting (which we’ve touched on before but will again here) and also the Vertical Diet, as conceptualized by Stan Efferding.  I have my thoughts on that and spell ‘em out here.  Spoiler alert:  mixed bag!