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You need a quality workout program – whether you’re a weekend warrior, aspiring competitor, or someone with multiple shows under your belt, you understand the importance of walking into the gym with a plan of attack.  A smart, tough, efficient plan of attack is one of the main keys to building muscle and dropping body fat.

These are bodybuilding workout programs that I’ve written, used myself and with my clients – you’ll find a wide range of upper body and lower body split designs, high volume workouts and lower volume workouts, sessions utilizing protocols that I’ve developed myself, some that focus more on the basic movements and others that get a bit more creative in their exercise design.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the link provided for each day that goes to a YouTube playlist with demos  for each workout.  I’m sure that took a good bit of time to put together but man that is SUPER HELPFUL to have available to pull up on my mobile when working out in case I need it. This is definitely my favorite feature. — Robert

Each of these bodybuilding workout programs contains:

  • A fully detailed workout split including exercises, sets & reps, tempos, super set configurations, and more
  • My own personal video demonstrations for every exercise, including details about how to do it, variations, mistakes to avoid, and key points to focus on
  • A written primer on lifting as a bodybuilder that will be useful to beginners and advanced lifters alike. This covers things like how to physically and mentally prepare for your workouts, how to make exercise substitutions when needed, how to know when you’re working hard enough, and how to work harder – because you always can.

Sample workout showing formatting Sample video playlist, linked from within each page of each program

Note:  all bodybuilding workout programs are designed for a moderately-equipped commercial gym

I’m spoiled with the video playlists and watched them before and sometime between sets to make adjustments on the spot!  Seriously, the best thing ever so thank you, thank you for that!  — Annemarie

Click to view all available bodybuilding workout programs

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Note: Always consult a physician before engaging in any physical exercise programs. While designed for safety, all exercise programs contain risk and individuals are advised to proceed carefully and with caution.

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