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Bodybuilding Contest Prep and Lifestyle Body Transformation Coaching

What are your fitness goals?  You’ve got one body, so what do you want to do with it? 

Contest prep is tough – are you looking to compete in your first show?  Your tenth?

Maybe you think competing is cool but let’s be real…it’s not your thing.  That’s fine.  But achieving that kind of look and those kind of results?  Hell yeah.

Do you want to improve your overall health, learn more about nutrition and training and just generally feel better?

Read on.

A Different Kind of Contest Prep Coach

Contest Prep Coach Darin Starr of Five Starr PhysiqueMy name is Darin Starr and I’ve been an online coach for just about as long as that’s been a thing – for both competition prep and lifestyle clients looking for a non-competitive body transformation.  Regardless of your goals, the principles are the same = it’s a focus on nutrition, training intensity, and consistency.  I make no illusions, I know that what I ask my clients to do is hard stuff – but with focus, determination, and a solid plan it’s very doable.  And with the right coach in your corner it can make all the difference in achieving your contest prep or lifestyle transformation goals.

What do I do as a coach?  Planning.  Feedback.  Accountability.  Keeping you sharp and focused.  Being available for questions.  The strategy involved in coaching someone for a bodybuilding competition or a lifestyle transformation is important but there’s so much more involved in the process that other coaches simply don’t sufficiently focus on.  I take the title of “coach” seriously – my job is to teach, to help you achieve your short-term goals but also make you better in the long-term.  I think about all the great coaches I had playing sports growing up, and it wasn’t just “do this, go here, blah blah blah” – it was teaching, increasing your knowledge and understanding, and making you better at whatever it is you’re trying to do.

My philosophy and what I do

I believe in sharing knowledge with everyone – if you click around on this site you’ll see I maintain an active blog, host the The Drop Set, my regular bodybuilding focused podcast and share loads of content on social media as well.  With my coaching clients I dig deeper still – get into the specifics of what we need to adjust for each individual, address exercise mechanics for each unique body, and monitor progress, make program changes and provide feedback on a regular basis.  You can read more about my coaching services here.

Detailed Bodybuilding Workout Programs

I also offer a wide variety of workout programs – about 50 currently – and have more coming out regularly.  You can read about them here.  All workout programs are suited for contest prep use or as part of a general fitness routine and are well-organized, exceptionally detailed, and include custom video playlists so you can see each movement performed while I also talk you through the key points to focus on and what to watch out for.

Competitors and Non-competitors Alike

About half of the people I work with have no competitive aspirations at all, but are just interested in coaching for general fitness, fat loss, muscle gain, and to transform their body into something better.  They often say things like “I want to look like I could compete, but maybe not quite that extreme and without actually doing it” – and that’s great in my book.  My only expectation with anyone that I work with is that you take it seriously and put in your best effort.  Whatever your goal is, it deserves that much!  If you’re looking for million dollar results with a mediocre diet and training twice a week, this isn’t gonna work.

Tell me more…

Want to know more?  Check out the results of some of the clients I’ve worked with – all of those results were attained via online coaching, without any face-to-face interaction.  Not sure if online coaching is right for you or have some additional questions?  Reach out and contact me directly and I’ll respond as quickly as I can and will help in whatever way possible.

Whatever your goals, let’s hit them together.  There’s nothing stopping you!