32 – Back and Chest Developer

This is one where I’m thinking “shoot, do I really need a description?”  Well, let’s do it.

Ok guys, this one is designed to develop your back and chest.  I know, didn’t see that coming did you?

Volume here is low-to-moderate, especially considering that on several days we’re hitting more than one muscle group.  The shoulder and leg workouts both feature a couple moves that work the back as well (secondary), so don’t be fooled by the lone back day.

There are also just 5 sessions in this rotation, so if you continue to train 6 days a week the frequency on everything increases a bit more still.

This program is tagged ‘for men’ but of course would apply to women as well if the mix of body parts tackled in here suits you!

Workouts include:

  • Chest…Heavy!
  • Back and Bi’s
  • Legs – Make it Count
  • Delts
  • Chest and Tri’s
  • Abs & Calves


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