About Darin Starr

Planner ★ Motivator ★ Strategist ★ Troubleshooter ★ Cheerleader ★ Part-time Therapist

Not Your Typical Contest Preparation Coach

Nothing angers me more than receiving a call from someone who has had their bodybuilding excitement utterly annihilated by some self-proclaimed Contest Prep Coach who has either ghosted them to be at their day job or completely fallen short of promises they shouldn’t have made in the first place. It is people like that who give coaches like me a bad name. This is my one gig, and I take it (and you) seriously. I walk the walk, too, and would never ask a client to do anything I’m not willing to do myself.

Five Starr Physique About Darin Starr
Five Starr Physique About Darin Starr

My Philosophy as an Online Bodybuilding Coach

Coaching in an online capacity is so different from coaching or training someone in person. You don’t have the benefit of seeing someone in action, which means you can make fewer assumptions. You have to ask more probing questions, dig for that extra level of detail, and read between the lines when someone says something in order to understand what they are trying to convey. There’s a technical side to all of this, of course, but the human skills of knowing how to communicate with someone and help someone succeed plays a far bigger role than technical knowledge, in my opinion.

Not Your Typical Bodybuilding Coach

One of the ‘big picture’ items I never lose sight of is that we’re all human. Finding an online bodybuilding coach who expects perfection from everyone everyday is easy enough, but in all honesty, more people fail with that approach than succeed. My focus is on building and developing a plan that is sustainable. Yes, there will be phases that are higher intensity that may not FEEL as sustainable, but they will also be shorter phases, too, and I always ask my clients very generally, “how ya feeling?” as part of our regular check-in, because I need to know. I get a lot of feedback from my clients that it feels good to be treated like a person and also to have someone who will call them out on their BS and excuses when it’s appropriate.

Five Starr Physique About Darin Starr
Five Starr Physique About Darin Starr

Allow me to get personal for a sec

I live in Knoxville, Tennessee with my awesome wife and our 2 dogs. Clearly bodybuilding is a constant presence in my life, but outside of that my greatest passion is music. I’m a songwriter, pianist and guitarist for Sketch Eclectic, which is just me and my wife. You can listen to our stuff on all streaming platforms, and we’re constantly working on new music.  I also dabble in videography, woodworking and home renovation projects – some big and some small!