Bodybuilding Results, Before & After

ALL of the client photos shown here were achieved with online coaching.  Scroll down to see more and read client testimonials as well.  Bodybuilding results contain a mixture of contest prep and body transformation clients.

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My client Bryce, 1 day out from his stage debut and the NPC Ironman Natural in Washington state My client Bryce, 1 day out from his stage debut and the NPC Ironman Natural in Washington state

FSP client Amber on day 1 and 1 week out from her first showFSP client Joe on day 1 and 3 weeks out from his first showFSP client Alicia before & afterFSP client Mary before & after

Darin, I am having a hard time putting into words how much I appreciate you, your coaching style, and your role in my goal of body/lifestyle transformation.  The way that you provide feedback, especially with the touch of humor, have really lifted me up each week, and this week is no exception!  – Cheryl

FSP client Vinny before & afterFSP client Angelica before & after

FSP client Kristan one week out from her first showFSP client Oscar before & after

“Over the last 16 months I can’t thank you enough for your guidance in the gym (Proper form, feed-back, pushing me to do more/work harder, and making me extremely sore everywhere all the time), as well as your instruction on macros/healthy eating options etc. I am not always perfect (especially on the diet front) but you always seem to encourage me and not let me get down on myself when i do falter and you always lead/get me back on path.  I think this is due to the fact that even though you have a lot of clients (probably more than i even realize) you always make me feel like i am the ONLY one. Thank you for always being there and responding when a question arises or when i am about to fall over the cliff. You, my friend, are awesome!”  -Angie

FSP client Nichelle's 6 month transformation FSP client Nichelle's 6 month transformation

“I have to say that the past (almost) 10 months have been an incredible learning and satisfying experience for me. Having been fitness conscious for so many decades, being a small-framed guy and always wanting to be bigger, I never knew what it REALLY took to transform your physique. Actually, I believe a lot of people DON’T know what it takes. My body at 54 is better than 24, 34 & 44! What I’ve learned will stay with me for life!

When I started this I was very skeptical that a long distance coaching program could work. I have to say though that your website sold me on giving you a chance, over others that I’ve reviewed. Your program is the real deal! Most people need to be told what to do and how to do it, and if they listen, exercise not only their bodies but their discipline, focus, determination and willpower, they will have the success they’ve always desired.

Thank you for the experience, the motivation when I was slipping, the kicks in the ass when needed.” – Rocco

“I would highly recommend Darin and Five Starr Physique. Darin is always on top of your diet and really cares about his clients. He is extremely easy to work with and just a very cool guy. If you need some help, whether it’s just getting back into shape or for a competition, I would give Five Starr Physique a try. They truly live up to their name.” – Anthony

“The best part of working with Darin is that he finds a way to incorporate balance in your life while helping you achieve your fitness goals.  He does a great job of motivating me and holding me accountable while still being understanding that I’m human.”  – Sam

“HOLY SHIT it is crazy to think I haven’t been able to see my abs in my whole life till now lol. You don’t know how much I appreciate everything you have done for me this last half a year. I don’t think I would be where I am now without your help and keeping me motivated to push through. I see great things in the future if I can just stay disciplined and keep pushing.”

– Andrew

“I have seen tremendous improvement in my physique . . . (Darin) is a pro when it comes to detail and being informative so I actually know what I’m doing . . .   He has such a huge knowledge base that takes many years as well as experience to have. Truly a great coach, friend, and start to wherever your end goal may be!”   – Kristin

“I am so amazed at how much programming you have. You KICK ASS at this — seriously amazing stuff. The programming is huge– it has been underplayed with other coaches who have focused me on dieting. Thus, elsewhere I did a good (OK) job of getting lean but not with lifting.” – Jennifer

Marissa's progress from start to almost show time for her stage debut in the bikini division

“For over a year, I would lose some weight but gain it back, workout really hard but then get burnt out. It wasn’t until we decided we needed outside help that I now feel like I finally have some control over what my genetics and poor choices might have had in store for me. We had some fun with our photos this week and realized that while our journey isn’t over, we never want to be the “before” couple again. Not for vanity but for our health, our children and our future life together. Thank you for all you do!!” – Rosa & Casey

“Darin Starr exemplifies the definition of an excellent coach, trainer, nutritionist, motivator, and his attention to detail and responsiveness is second to none!”  – Lana

Chrissy's prep transformation from start to just a few weeks outStacey's body completely changed during the course of this prep for her debut bikini showShelton's prep transformation for his MPD debut

 Nathalie's back progress from where she started up to close to her 2nd show

nathalie  taylor-stage  dan stage kirsten-stage 014  1002942_10151578136323997_1371735992_n

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