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Client Bodybuilding Results & Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it. See the results for yourself and read what my clients have to say about their bodybuilding results with Five Starr Physique. Hover over the images to read a bit about the client’s journey. ALL of the client photos shown here were achieved with online coaching. Bodybuilding results contain a mixture of contest prep and body transformation clients. For more up-to-date happenings in the lives of my clients, head on over to the Five Starr Physique Facebook Page.

Note: most of these transformation pictures are of my contest prep clients, simply because most body transformation clients elect to maintain privacy and I respect that.


Clint is a good example of what I like to do - take someone who *already* works hard, and make it look like they do. He was an experienced lifter before hiring me to help him prep for his first show.


Angelica had minimal experience before hiring me, but after a couple false starts, she absolutey crushed her first show. This is a combination of a good plan, consistent work, and good genetics. All natural!

[Darin] is a fantastic trainer. An internet stranger, whom I don’t have to impress but will still hold me accountable. I am killing it!

David D.


With Vinny the goal was to retain muscle while still having a ton of weight to drop (~50lbs) throughout prep. It wasn't easy and the man put in some Work with a capital W.

The way that [Darin] provides feedback, especially with the touch of humor, have really lifted me up each week, and this week is no exception!



Thea here about 4 weeks out from turning pro at the NPC USA's.

Thank you for helping me get my head back in the right space. You’re so right, way to put things in perspective. I look forward to check-ins every week.



Harvey has a smaller frame and a tendency to be softer in the off-season (not his fault, just his body type) - prep for him is tough because it requires a pretty aggressive approach but we still have to retain muscle.


Alicia did great during prep and demonstrates a good mix of what works well in bikini - a small, tight frame but with muscles that still have some pop when they're full.


I hold Oscar up as the gold standard of how much your waist can change during prep - that 'after' pic doesn't do him justice. Very square and blocky before prep, but on show day VERY tight in the midsection.


When Lana started working with me, competing was not even really on her radar - and now she's done several shows, this one here being her first. Her experience with me led her to a career shift into training.

Thank you for the experience, the motivation when I was slipping, the kicks in the ass when needed.



Andy came to me with some lifting experience but zero idea on how to prep for a show - and we did this in ~4 months for his first natural show in California.

I appreciated that I wasn’t starved, miserable, or messed up my hormones. I enjoyed the process! The structure helped keep me grounded mentally and emotionally.

Kim S.


Taylor was totally green when we started - we recomped for a bit, built a little muscle and then dove head first into show prep and she finished 2nd in a huge class.

At times I have felt that I am your only client with the time and attention you have given me, which is a very difficult thing to accomplish as a coach of many! 

Jennifer M.

Kim S.

Kim was a novice when starting prep and always had a ton of great question when she checked-in, treating the process like a job and that helped contributed to her winning 3 out of 4 classes in her first show.

Eve V.

Eve is a great example of carrying a deceptive amount of muscle her off-season conditioning, and she did a great job of keeping it while dieting down.