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What does “contest prep coach” mean to you?  When I say it, it means all of the above.  I’m never content to just write up a plan geared towards fat loss or muscle growth and send it off, crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.  There’s got to be accountability, follow-up, lengthy question & answer sessions, detailed feedback, and a process in place for ensuring that nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Please allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Darin Starr and I’ve been involved in bodybuilding for 20 years.  As a certified trainer, nutritional consultant, and a competitor myself, I’ve coached hundreds of clients and have made helping others in bodybuilding a full-time career, whether as a contest prep coach or as a coach for a more general body transformation.

My goal as a coach is simple:  always remember what that title means.  Growing up and playing team sports, I remember well what my coaches did – not just the nuts & bolts strategy of how to win, but also how to improve skills, understand the finer points of the sport, and how to know how much you don’t know – only then can you really focus on learning and filling in the gaps in your knowledge.  Bodybuilding specifically is hard work, consistency, and dedication – but knowledge is a key ingredient in your success as well.  It takes curiosity and a desire to learn as much as you can, otherwise your potential will be limited.

Taking an active role

As an online contest prep coach, the trick is that I never really get to see any of my clients in person – and honestly, this is where most online coaches fall short.  Assumptions are made – often improperly – and then results stall and plateau, and people get frustrated and quit.  Sound familiar?  The natural question becomes “what was I doing wrong?”

And the answer?  Maybe nothing, maybe a lot.  The point is that I take the time to ask, dig deep, and make sure that things are happening to my satisfaction.  Bodybuilding isn’t just about “doing stuff” and checking the boxes of all the things that have to be done, but it’s about doing things effectivelyefficiently, and with precision and intensity.

The personal touch

Contest prep coach Darin Starr in November 2018One of the ‘big picture’ items I never lose sight of is that we’re all still human.  Finding an online contest prep coach who expects perfection from everyone everyday is easy enough, but in all honesty more people fail with that approach than succeed.  My focus is on building and developing a plan that is sustainable – yes there will be phases that are higher intensity that may not FEEL as sustainable, but they will also be shorter, and I always ask my clients very generally, “how ya feeling?” as part of our regular check-in, because I need to know.  I get a lot of feedback from my clients that it feels good to be treated like a person, and also to have someone who will call them out on their BS and excuses when it’s appropriate.

What ‘next step’ is right for you?

If you’re looking to start or continue your journey and are looking for structure, a support system, quality feedback and answers to all of your questions, read more about my online coaching program or reach out and contact me directly.  You can also see results and read testimonials from some of my clients, browse through the workout plans I have available, check out some of my blog posts or read about The Drop Set – a podcast I host and publish twice weekly (available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more)

About Darin…

I live in Knoxville, Tennessee with my awesome wife and our 2 dogs.  Clearly bodybuilding is a constant presence in my life, but outside of that my greatest passion is music.  I’m a songwriter, pianist and guitarist for Sketch Eclectic, which is just me and my wife.  You can listen to our stuff on all streaming platforms and we’re constantly working on new music.  I also dabble in woodworking and home renovation projects – some big and some small!

A truly sketchy duo…