45 – Let’s Get Spicy

I’m usually not a huge fan of lower volume work – the less volume you hit on a given day, the more important each rep becomes and the less margin of error there is if you’re feeling a bit off.  That exercise wasn’t really “beast mode”?  Well it was a third of your workout today, so suck to be you.  Generally, moderate volume allows for a more ‘normal’ ebb and flow through a workout like most people experience.

But Let’s Get Spicy is my take on slightly lower volume, anyway.  These aren’t 20 minute workouts but they can go pretty quick if you keep the pace up.  If you’re looking for a brutal ass-kicking that’s also efficient, welcome home.

Workouts include:

  • Chest
  • Legs – Go Big, Grow Big
  • Arms – Peaks and Horseshoes
  • Shoulders
  • Glutes, Hams, and Head Turns
  • Back
  • Abs & Calves



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