52 – Bikini Blueprint

A lot of bikini-centric workout programs focus on lower body to excess, ignoring upper body.  To be clear, the legs and glutes count, but what if your legs aren’t necessarily a weak point?  Maybe they need some work, but not the massive focus you might find in other programs?  Enter: Bikini Blueprint.

Bikini Blueprint is an advanced bikini workout program with an 8 session rotation, with rest days loosely scheduled after sessions 4 and 8 (a 10 day split).  There’s 1 leg day in the first block and 2 in the 2nd block – this is moderate volume so you can focus on going slow and working with a high quality and still be done in about an hour each day.

This advanced bikini workout program includes:

  • Back – Heavy and Aggressive
  • Shoulders
  • Posterior Chain Focus
  • Chest and Arms
  • Back and Shoulders
  • Quads
  • Shoulders w/Some Upper Body
  • Hammies
  • Abs & calves


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