51 – Physique Perfection

I was tempted to call this “Classic Physique Perfection” because in looking at my own show photos from last year, I assembled this to target what I felt were my biggest weaknesses: back and legs.  But in reality it ended up being pretty well balanced overall and I think it’s suitable for anyone looking to try a slightly ‘out of the box’ approach to their training.

This is a 9 session rotation designed to take 12 days, with rest days tentatively assigned on days 4, 8, and 12 (you’ve got some flexibility there).  Each of the 3 workout ‘blocks’ has a leg day and a couple upper body sessions, with some being combined muscle groups.

This split is generally moderate volume, with a couple exclamation marks thrown in for good measure.

Workouts include:

  • Chest and Shoulders
  • Glute Ham Day
  • Back Burner
  • Chest
  • Super Arms
  • Quads
  • Shoulders
  • Back Again
  • All the Legs
  • Abs & Calves


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