The Drop Set – Episode 141: Effective Reps, Are You Ready to Compete?

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The Drop Set – Episode 141

We’re back! I missed y’all on Monday and my excuse for being absent is a new one. Check it out!

0:00 – Intro, and Darin whines about his tooth pain and goes into way too much detail on his new drum set.  Apologies in advance.

10:24 – Steve from NY has questions about targeting specific muscle groups, namely developing outer quad sweep and bringing up back thickness.  I talk about a few things to consider, and a few things to ignore also.

18:16 – Scott from TX sent me a link to a YouTube video breaking down a recent study done on ‘effective reps’ – I dig in on what this tells us and the significance of it.  Kind of a ‘common sense validation’ segment!

26:36 – Are you ready to compete?  How do you know?  Regardless of whether you’re looking to compete in bikini, men’s physique, or anything else, there are certain things you can self-evaluate and consider when contemplating your overall readiness and I go into some detail on those.  Included:  a training test!