247 – Why the Arnold Classic Sucks

by | Mar 8, 2024 | Podcast - The Drop Set | 0 comments

(3:15) In this episode of The Drop Set podcast, I can’t help but unravel the aftermath of the Arnold Classic with a heavy dose of frustration. I find myself questioning the show’s BEYOND curious choices, particularly in excluding categories like women’s physique, figure, and 212 men’s bodybuilding. With a healthy dose of skepticism, I delve into the prize money distribution, underscoring the glaring gap between the earnings of male and female competitors. Amidst my…colorful…commentary, I call out the absurdity of it all, urging the Arnold Classic to reassess and step up their game.

(18:34) Next, I discuss strategies for overcoming a plateau during the preparation process for a bodybuilding competition. I highlight the choice between increasing cardio or reducing calorie intake to enhance the calorie deficit, using a recent conversation with a client as an example. I elaborate on my current cardio routine, opting for 90 minutes a day to maintain higher food intake. The importance of making sacrifices in the prep process is emphasized, debunking the misconception around using refeeds to address plateaus. I briefly share an experience with another client who successfully incorporated a short refeed near his show for different reasons.

(32:02) Next, I delve into the most effective chest and back exercises for optimal muscle development. Discussing the benefits of machine-based chest workouts for joint comfort, I highlight the significance of grip variations and angles, with a special mention of the effectiveness of neutral grip presses. Shifting focus to back training, I emphasize the importance of skill development and diverse grips for targeting traps and lats. For trap development, I recommend controlled movements with lighter weights to enhance the mind-muscle connection.

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