The Drop Set – Episode 139: Sugar Alcohols, The Math of Fiber

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The Drop Set – Episode 139

For the final Friday in August we do some really, really deep digs on topics that commonly confuse people – so consider this my bible on these topics! Check the full timestamped notes below for details!

0:00Intro – Upcoming Changes, Feedback Welcome!
6:55Leg press loading mechanics – ever wonder why a lot of leg press machines have multiple places where you can load weights on each side, and if that makes any difference at all? Wonder no longer – I have the answer, with lots of fascinating (read: boring) physics to back it up!
21:50Sugar Alcohols – seems almost too good to be true, right? Something sweet that’s zero calories and doesn’t ding me in the carb column? There’s gotta be a drawback right? Maybe…listen for the complete breakdown
32:45Fiber Math – listener Greg has a keen eye and noted that the nutrition label on some low carb tortillas didn’t quite add up, so we dig deep on exactly what is going on with the math here, how you should track things, and what to watch for
43:42Media Update – So, uh, there’s a new Tool album out today for the first time in 13 years and that’s worth celebrating. Also, a spoiler-free recap of Peaky Blinders season 1 and why you need to watch it.