252 – Am I Stage Ready?

by | Apr 12, 2024 | Podcast - The Drop Set | 0 comments

In episode 252 of The Drop Set, I delve into the nuanced concept of stage readiness, exploring the subjective nature of preparation for competition. We examine the importance of early competition as a means to gain valuable experience and establish personal benchmarks. I also discuss the essential prerequisites for competing, including discipline, commitment, and a positive mindset throughout the preparation process.

Next, I dive deep into understanding food fixation, cravings, and appetite. We clarify the differences between them and tactics for managing all of them as well. I explore how staying engaged and mindful during meals, using visual and tactile reminders of goals, and avoiding triggers like food-related media can help combat food fixation and cravings.

And finally, I dive into my favorite thign: listener questions, starting with Grace’s inquiry about addressing physique imbalances in training programs as well as atrophy. She then opens a huge can of worms asking about guitar riffs and I’m proud of myself for keeping that section under 30 minutes.

0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Welcome and stuff!
5:03 – Ready to compete?
28:28 – Dealing with cravings and food fixation
45:08 – Call-in question time!

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