The Drop Set – Episode 153: Thanksgiving Eating, Macro Subs, Being a Better Coach

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The Drop Set – Episode 153

0:00 – I kick things off today with several updates!  Personal, Taz-related, band-related, and also lawn-related – the final one of 2019!

12:24 – Let’s talk turkey.  Thanksgiving (and holidays in general) are a huge source of anxiety for most bodybuilders.  Let me talk you off the ledge a bit but also be real about how you can screw things up.

17:38 – Paula called in (ok ok, I FORCED her to call in) asking about macronutrient substitutions with some specific examples of how to make certain things work.  Prepare for a 20 minute deep dive on exactly that!

37:30 – By popular request:  how to be a better coach!  Less about the “coaching” aspect of things and more about how to operate things in a successful and efficient manner on the business side.