The Drop Set – Episode 174: TRT Primer, Pregnancy Macros, Mock Show Prep

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The Drop Set – Episode 174

0:00 – Intro with new music!

0:43 – Our album is OUT! And no I’m not going to stop talking about it, sorry!

10:00 – A question from Brendan (a current client) asking about the risks and benefits of TRT, so let’s dive in for a full on primer on why it’s good, what to watch for, and what you can expect.

24:10 – Kristen submitted a question through the website asking for some guidance on macros during pregnancy – I had a few reservations but also here I outline my overall approach for that situation

31:20 – Anton (Libertyville, IL) called in asking about the possibility of competing in a handful of years and wondering about the benefits of doing a mock prep before then. Not surprisingly, I’m all in – but there’s a lot to talk about there!