The Drop Set – Episode 148: Peak Week, Calorie Cycling, PCOS, Family Balance

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The Drop Set – Episode 148

0:00 – Welcome to the 452nd installment of our recurring segment, “Darin is a Moron” – have a laugh at my expense, please!

13:20 – Having JUST competed on Saturday, Heather’s questions of course were all about peak week and WHY exactly things are done the way they are.

21:40 – From @dan_tulpa via Instagram – a good question about rest day calories and also carbing up before a big lift

27:55 – Faithful listener Emily asks about PCOS – not sure what that is?  Time to get edumacated!

32:28 – Lorenzo has a great question and I think we can ALL benefit from this discussion, including our non-lifting spouses and SO’s – how do we find the right balance between bodybuilding and “normal” life?