The Drop Set – Episode 170: Quarantine Stories, Off-Season Cardio, Darin’s Quest for Better Squats

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The Drop Set – Episode 170

0:00 – A big announcement, a rant, and more – we’re coming in hot! Except for the first 3 minutes where I futz with my audio settings because it’s a new computer and nothing is quite right!

2:30 – Erin (MN) sharing some quarantine stories from home…tales from the dark side!

6:27 – Bethany (GA) asking about having fats and carbs together…a problem?

13:01 – Bethany (GA) AGAIN, double dipping! (totally allowed) This time asking about cardio during the off-season and how that might impact cardio during prep

21:15 – Cassandra (PA) – with stories of quarantine workouts and also seeking some running alternatives for cardio when machines aren’t an option

32:20 – Personal update from D including a breakdown on why my squats suck and how that might impact YOU.