251 – Supplements: Worth It or Waste It?

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0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Getting Started
3:47 – Supplements: Worth It or Waste It?
26:49 – Adapting to Sickness, Missing Gym Time
43:05 – What Actually Happens on Show Day?

In the opening segment of Episode 251, we dive into the world of supplements – starting with the age-old debate: Is creatine worth it? What about BCAA’s? Glutamine? Pre-workouts can be effective but often contain too many ingredients, risking adverse reactions. Testosterone boosters like DHEA may slightly elevate levels but won’t significantly impact performance. Glucose disposal agents and multivitamins offer convenience but may not be vital if dietary needs are met. Omega-3 supplements, vitamin D, peptides and SARMs are also discussed.

Next up: what happens when you get sick and miss some gym time? Whatever you do, don’t freak out. Muscle loss is a slow process, just like building muscle. So, if you’re out for a week with the flu or whatever, it’s not the end of the world for your gains. Trust me, I’ve been there. Stay home if you’re contagious or feeling too tired to give it your all at the gym. It’s all about adjusting your expectations and prioritizing rest and recovery. When you do start feeling better, ease back into your workouts gradually. Start with lighter exercises and smaller muscle groups before diving back into your regular routine. Remember, everyone gets sick at some point.

For competitors – WHAT exactly happens on show day? The experience can vary widely, but one thing’s for sure: expect the unexpected. Every show is different, with some running smoothly and others encountering interruptions. The promoter plays a huge role in the overall quality of the event, influencing everything from venue selection to backstage organization. Good shows prioritize athlete amenities, such as accessible bathrooms and ample backstage space, while also considering the overall atmosphere of the venue. However, sometimes even well-organized shows can have poor vibes or distracting stage decor, like the infamous flexing Santa Claus backdrop. Ultimately, whether the chaos is manageable or overwhelming depends on the promoter’s attention to detail and the experience of backstage facilitators. And for competitors, adapting to the unpredictable nature of show day is all part of the game.

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