248 – The Path to Going Pro

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The Drop Set episode 248

In episode 248 of The Drop Set, I delve into the intricate journey to becoming a professional bodybuilder in the USA, breaking down the processes of various amateur organizations like NPC, OCB, INBA, and INBF. From earning qualifications to competing at national levels, the road to obtaining a pro card is filled with complexities and nuances. While the quest for pro status may seem enticing, the reality of financial rewards and the influence of social media are also discussed, highlighting the multifaceted nature of the bodybuilding industry.

In the next segment, I delve into the challenges I’ve encountered while tracking macros using apps like MyFitnessPal and Cronometer. I discuss the inherent inaccuracies in food databases, even those sourced from reputable sources like the USDA. I emphasize the importance of developing a keen eye for spotting errors, relying on the USDA database for verification, and seeking guidance from coaches to ensure accurate macro tracking. This underscores the crucial role of precision in macro tracking to achieve fitness goals effectively.

In the final, a listener shares his struggle with fitting chest and back workouts into his schedule. I discuss the importance of tailoring workouts based on individual strengths and weaknesses, emphasizing the need versus want analysis. For competitors, focusing on the judges’ criteria is key, while non-competitors can blend personal preferences…to a degree. I provide insights into constructing a split by prioritizing muscle groups, considering cutting or growth phases, and optimizing volume and exercise selection. Additionally, I suggest seeking professional guidance for personalized needs analysis and workout planning.

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