The Drop Set – Episode 161: COVID-19 & Bodybuilding, Tempo, PCT vs. Bridge, Doing Multiple Shows

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The Drop Set – Episode 161

0:00 – Intro! Surprise episode, new music, studio recap

12:37 – Time to talk about everyone’s favorite topic that I know NO ONE is sick of yet – the Coronavirus! Specifcally as it relates to bodybuilding – discussing potential show closures, how to be safe in the gym, and more.

23:19 Marc (Dallas, TX) called in asking about tempo and if it has a direct correlation at all to strength output – no spoilers here!

28:29 Mary (TX) is asking about the difference between PCT and bridging between anabolic cycles and how to know when one is needed over the other

37:30 – listener Kaia emailed in asking about something that doesn’t get discussed enough. When you do 2 shows, what happens between the shows? I go over a couple hypothetical scenarios here based on some photos that she sent in to check out.