The Drop Set – Episode 171: SARMs Revisited, Crossovers, Metabolic Floor

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The Drop Set – Episode 171

0:00 – Lots happening over here but you get a sample of some new music (with more in the outro too!) and a recap on what’s keeping me up at night (hint: it’s dubstep)

11:08 – Martina (KS) has questions about SARMs – possible compounds/cycles, sources to recommend, and more – I promise you my answer here will be vague enough to make your head spin!

20:51 – Tasha (TX) is wondering about a ‘metabolic floor’, if your maintenance level intake changes over time

27:01 – Dannah (MN) with a good question about crossovers in shows so I break it all down from the vocabulary down to the nitty gritty

37:19 – I respond to an email from listener Anton who has questions about why lower weight classes don’t make an appearance in the IFBB