The Drop Set – Episode 157: Idiot Celebrity Trainers, Chest Activation, ‘Abnormalities’

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The Drop Set – Episode 157

0:00 – Intro!  Short and sweet (you’re welcome!)

2:41  – Are you ready for probably the dumbest bit of training advice you’ve ever heard?  Get ready and have a trash can nearby in case the sheer stupidity of this makes you almost hurl, like it did me.

15:24 – Mea Culpa.  My math knowledge isn’t what it used to be!  Thanks Kevin for calling me out on my bullshit incorrect usage of certain functions!

19:47 – Steve from Belgium with some questions on chest activation – whoa, actual relevant bodybuilding information?  What podcast is this again?  I break it down and give him some homework to chew on.

31:02 – Martina from Kansas has questions on the viability of competing with an ileostomy bag, and I extend this to talk a little about competing with anything that might be considered an ‘abnormality’ and special considerations for doing so.