226 – Time Management, Macro Calc Starting Points, Bloodwork 101

by | Jun 15, 2023 | Podcast - The Drop Set

The podcast episode so epic it took 3 days to record.  Or maybe the host was experiencing some squirrel-like ADD in spite of tooting his own horn in the first segment of today’s episode.

So that first segment is about time management – why it’s so damn important and some easy things you can implement if it’s something you struggle with.

Next up, my client Leslie had some questions about macro calculators and how they arrive at the numbers they give you – instead, I’m going to talk about “generally acceptable ranges” for macros, why those are solid starting points and why we often have to break those rules and sometimes in a big way.

And finally, let’s talk bloodwork and health – how to interpret your labs, why it’s important, and why some things that might be flagged as high or low might not be a problem (and why some things that aren’t flagged might still be something to address).