249 – How to Dominate Your Next Prep

by | Mar 22, 2024 | Podcast - The Drop Set | 0 comments

In this episode, we dig in on the finer points of having a successful cut, whether it’s for a contest or just a personal transformation. The final point I make here is possibly the most important: remember to have fun with it all – it’s a challenging journey, but it should still be enjoyable overall.

Next, I dive into bodybuilding and its suitability for everyone. Reflecting on my experiences and conversations with clients, I explore why some people quit bodybuilding, citing reasons like loss of interest or ethical concerns. I break down the characteristics of individuals who might excel in bodybuilding. I also highlight the necessity of long-term commitment and experiencing all phases of bodybuilding, including growth and cutting, to truly assess its suitability.

And lastly, why do your calves suck so much and why does this seem to be such a common problem? Understanding why my calves may lag behind other muscle groups involves recognizing their unique usage patterns and the need for targeted training. While biologically similar to other muscles, calves are often undertrained relative to their daily workload, leading to growth challenges. Focusing on proper form, emphasizing the mind-muscle connection, and experimenting with different exercises can help stimulate growth.

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