250 – Busting Through Growth Plateaus

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Welcome to episode TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY! In the first segment, I dive deep into strategies for busting through growth plateaus in bodybuilding. First, I emphasize the importance of consistency and dedication during the off-season or growth phases. I discuss assessing whether you’re truly at a plateau and stress the need to attack growth seasons with the same intensity as prep. I also go over a bunch of actionable steps to keep things moving, and touch on the potential role of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) during growth phases.

Next up – building the perfect daily routine is all about making it easy and sustainable. For me, that means ensuring my routine is appealing and fun while leaving room for other activities like producing music. I organize my routine around immovable commitments like work and family, visualizing them on a calendar to plan effectively. With a focus on meal timing, composition, and supplement intake, I aim for simplicity and consistency to ensure long-term adherence to my fitness goals.

In the 3rd and final segment, I reflect on how I would approach bodybuilding differently if I were to start over fromt scratch. I emphasize the importance of hiring a coach from the beginning to provide proper guidance and avoid common pitfalls. Drawing from my own experiences, I stress the significance of investing in a good coach who offers personalized support at a reasonable price. Additionally, I discuss the value of seeking credible sources of information, and I explore the need to normalize bodybuilding as a pursuit and the importance of networking within the industry to foster connections and opportunities for growth. Lastly, I touch upon the significance of consistent stretching, embracing the challenges of the bodybuilding lifestyle, and always remembering one’s underlying motivations for embarking on the journey.

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