193 – Volumizing Meals, Caloric Floor, Prep Partners

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193 – Volumizing Meals, Caloric Floor, Prep Partners

In today’s episode there’s a warning of changes coming! The Drop Set will be undergoing a little renovation soon and it’s all very exciting stuff – stay tuned and you’ll hear things as we get them rolled out.

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Also, I’ve got a new private group on Facebook for podcast listeners – check it out and request an invite to get in at the ground floor, we’ll have some bonus content and extra engagement in there to really get a sense of community going.

In today’s episode I give a prep update on myself at 10 days out and in doing so talk about how I’m coping with lower calories by playing around with food volume – a hugely important tactic if you spend any significant time in a deficit.

Related to that, I bring up the concept of a caloric floor which I don’t think I’ve discussed on here before – it’s a concept that has to be implemented carefully but can make things a whole lot easier is used wisely.

Also, my client Sona asked a question about being in prep (or not in prep) with a spouse or significant other so I took some time to share my thoughts there from a few different perspectives – if you have a “swole mate” and whether it’s smart to align your dieting phases or not, or if you have a partner that isn’t really into bodybuilding at all which present an entirely separate set of circumstances to consider.

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