The Drop Set – Episode 150: Integrity (Rant), Deloading, Favorite Exercises

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The Drop Set – Episode 150

0:00 – Time to recap the weekend that was – show results, a very creative weekend, and an update on my wife’s current project

11:35 – A funny story about integrity and the sad state of affairs in the coaching business currently

27:28 – Our good buddy Tasha is asking about DELOADING – fun stuff.  Let’s dig in.  Also:  a 25 week prep?  WTF? (warning:  this audio is way too loud, sorry!)

37:00 – Paul poses an interesting question – if you could only do 1 exercise per body part for the rest of your life, what is it and why?  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

42:20 – DJ Darin spins some tunes…I figured I’d share some brief clips of demo tracks I’m working on, because…well, why not?!