The Drop Set – Episode 142: Olympia Recap, Off-Season Transition, Reasons vs. Excuses

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The Drop Set – Episode 142

0:00 – Intro and welcome!

2:50 – An unplanned detour into RANT territory regarding crossovers at NPC shows.  Executive summary:  it’s gotta stop!

8:35 – My Olympia recap from a fairly forgettable (yep, I said it) weekend, and also:  how bodybuilding is like the NFL (hint:  it’s not a good thing)

20:55 – Morgan from Instagram asks about transitioning into the off-season transition after competing.  Do you need a break before that?  If so, how long?

33:44 – Blame Roland – he asked me for my thoughts on the new Tool album and here they are!

40:22 – Nicole from Spokane asks in a voicemail about the difference between reasons and excuses and how to know the difference when you’re the one making them.  I feel UNBELIEVABLY qualified to tackle this one…the ‘excuse’ part, anyway!