The Drop Set – Episode 143: Frelance Training, Obliques, Breathing, Realistic Expectations

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The Drop Set – Episode 143

0:00 – Finally back after a longer-than-expected hiatus due to a root canal and some travel.  Don’t forget to vote on the NEW logo options for The Drop Set which will be online for voting for just a short term

9:30 – Trish had a good question via email on freelance training in gyms.  Problem, or not so much?

15:30  – Sally raises a good question about the old myth (?) of training obliques and making your waist wider.  This is a big (BIG) example of “yes, BUT” reasoning where the details really matter.

20:52 – What do you have to do to Darin to have him fire you as a client?  Story time!

25:08 – Mary called in with additional questions and thoughts on the Wellness Division and some appropriate skeptical criticism.  And a GOOD question also on breath technique especially as it applies to tempo lifting.

35:28 – Rob catches me totally unprepared asking about who I look to for dietary philosophy and I do NOT have a solid answer, but I offer some ideas on where I DO go, who I listen to at least a bit, and how I approach that whole topic.

41:35 – Tom has legit questions about how “realistic” the classic physiques on the Olympia stage are, and I make some compare/contrast arguments between them and the open/212 guys.