217 – Olympia Outside the Box, Resolutions

by | Dec 30, 2022 | Podcast - The Drop Set | 0 comments

The Drop Set episode 217

First up and most important – THE CALL IN NUMBER IS BACK!  Call 865-518-6569 and leave a message and I’ll play it in an upcoming episode – and I won’t be screening these prior!  Anything goes.

Jay Cutler made a great point in a recent interview about the Olympia weekend basically (paraphrasing here) being a shitty fan experience.  Too much show, too long, and just WAY too much for anyone to take in.  People buy tickets for 2 days worth of events and maybe spend 2 hours actually watching it?  It’s a disaster – and the timing for the open men and livestream viewers is terrible, with the centerpiece of the whole weekend not happening til 1 or 2am Eastern time.  I’ve got an idea on how to fix this, but bear with me…it’s out there.

And I share my resolutions for 2023 and also dig in on WHY they’re a good thing – down with the naysayers!