The Drop Set – Episode 149: Lifting Shoes, Recovery for Growth, Being Competitive

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The Drop Set – Episode 149

0:00 – #149 coming in hot!  I make a small pitch to support my client Ben’s Movember efforts to raise awareness for men’s health issues.  If you’re interested in donating, here’s the link:   Also, an update on the podcast logo work!

6:16 – Brian is wondering about lifting shoes – I don’t have a whole lot of personal experience to contribute there, but I share my footwear story (wow does that sound compelling or what?) and we’ll follow-up on this soon!

16:20 – Rob from CT is NOT calling in from his car – asking about growth phase and recovery volume.  Lots of approaches here we can take and most involve just listening to your body and, yes, taking some extra rest days.

24:00 – A while back I found a great post on the RXMuscle forums about what it takes to be competitive at the high levels of bodybuilding.  I wanted to share that post here and break down some of the things discussed in it.