The Drop Set – Episode 145: Post-show Blues, Golden Ratios, Finding the Right Deficit

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The Drop Set – Episode 145

0:00 – Whoa, back to 2 episodes in a week!  Starting off with a gruesome, nightmare-ish tale and a big fat “AVOID” warning in a quick TV report, then we get on with it.

10:34 – One of the biggest and most common problems in bodybuilding is post-show blues and it’s time to tackle it head on and figure out how to avoid them before they ever even start.

32:34  – Kristinn has a good question about the “golden ratio” and how it applies to bodybuilding and aesthetics – let’s dig in.

28:06 – Nolan from SD called with questions about determining an appropriate caloric deficit – how much is enough, too much, etc – to answer, I visit an online TDEE calculator and step through what’s good and bad about how those work!