214 – Bullshit Bonanza: Nationals, Liver King, Photo Editing

by | Dec 9, 2022 | Podcast - The Drop Set | 0 comments

The Drop Set episode 214 - Bullshit Bonanza:  Nationals, Liver King, Photo Editing

Today on The Drop Set, it’s the Festivus Edition:  the airing of grievances!  My favorite part, always.

So I’m gonna complain about some stuff today.

First up, NPC Nationals (which were last weekend), judging issues abound, but mostly it’s the NPC’s absolutely laughable attempt at judging transparency.  Seriously, it’s a hoot.  Also, I didn’t mention this but apparently they made competitors wear wristbands as a form of identification…in the one place on earth where it’s impossible to NOT know if a particular human is involved in the proceedings.  What the hell is that about?

Next up, the Liver King.  If you don’t know who he is, A) I’m envious as I wish I still didn’t know, and B) you’re about to find out (sorry).  Why is he in the news?  As you can imagine, he probably did some dumb shit.  You’re right.  You’re good at this game!

And finally, let’s talk photo editing.  Not a ‘how to’ course of fixing up your family vacation pics, but the prevalence of physique touch-ups on social media.