29 – Intro to Ascending 3’s

Ideal for: Anyone looking for a new and interesting challenge

Notes: Intro to Ascending 3’s is built around my own custom Ascending 3’s training protocol designed to maximize muscle fiber recruitment and help you reach ACTUAL failure instead of just fatigue overload. A couple workouts in here that mix up muscle groups for greater metabolic load.

Note:  I tagged this program as ‘low supersets’ because in nearly all cases it’s a superset with the same equipment or combining a bodyweight movement as part of the superset, so no struggle holding down multiple pieces of equipment.

  • Kitchen Sink Chest & Shoulders
  • Lets Destroy Some Quads
  • Arms:  From Warmed-Up To Blazing
  • Back:  Build Your Foundation
  • Legs:  Lets Not Walk Tomorrow
  • Upper Body Pump Sesh


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