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The Drop Set – Episode 12: Glute Training, Logging Your Workouts

Glute training tips for women AND men – because we all could use a little help!  Also, logging your workouts – refer to this post for a companion visual and breakdown of some of the things discussed here. Also:  bodybuilding myth debunked, Q&A, and the weekly rant!

Varying approaches and strategies for training legs

There are a billion (precisely…I counted) articles online talking about the best way to train legs, why you NEED to train them twice a week, why training them more than once a week is a bad idea, or why you should only squat and forget everything else. This is not one of those articles. Instead […]

The Drop Set – Episode 5: Gym Efficiency & Coping w/Holidays!

More Q&A, a total softball thrown my way in “bodybuilding myths”, a discussion on how to be more efficient in the gym and also how to cope with holidays and all the associated food!

The biggest mistakes to kill your gains

I wouldn’t say I’m a trendsetter, but I do hate to just do what everyone else is doing for the sake of fitting in.  Therefore, I refuse to make this a “Top 5…” or “Top 10…” style post, because a) I assume I’m not the only person on the planet spending less time on Facebook […]

By popular demand!

New and exciting things being cooked up in the Five Starr Physique labs (aka, my Macbook).

Wrist wraps: the 411

Another gym accessory firmly in the “non-essential but nice to have” category:  wrist wraps, for added stability on pressing movements.  In this video I talk about why and how to use them, and also review the wraps that Nordic Lifting sent me to get my take on. Nordic Lifting wrist wraps on

Video: Lifting straps explained

As I explain in the introduction to the video, it seems nobody really understands how to use lifting straps correctly.  If you search around you’ll certainly be inundated with opinions on why straps are good, bad, or downright evil – but we’re going to completely sidestep that discussion for now.  This video assumes you’ve found […]

Is your ‘routine’ hurting you?

I’ve mentioned before my semi-masochistic tendency to frequent the forums.  Here’s something you see all the time – people asking for critiques of their workout routine.  Here’s a direct cut-and-paste of one poster’s routine: I Squats heavy Bench press BB heavy Cabel crossover Incline Bench BB DB Pullover DB flies II Cardio III Calves […]

Your training program sucks

I hate being negative, it’s just not really in my nature (sarcastic, yes – negative, no).  So while I hate the negative title of this post, it’s probably true. For every man and woman who steps on stage looking their absolute best, there are probably 3-5 who missed the mark considerably (I’m being generous with […]

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