Welcome to Five Starr Physiques!

by | Jun 27, 2011 | Bodybuilding | 0 comments

Today it’s official, as I launch my newest site, FiveStarrPhysiques.com.  I’ve been a bodybuilding enthusiast since I was a kid, fascinated by the dedication and hard work put in by the pros and amateurs alike.  My goal with this site is to share that passion with the world, and specifically to Western North Carolinians looking for contest prep training and guidance.

Rather than putting a big fat lame period on my first post right there, I thought I’d take a minute to discuss some common bodybuilding myths.  There are a ton of them, as anyone familiar with the sport knows – here are some of the big ones:

  • Bodybuilders are stupid. Some of them surely are, just like some accountants, engineers, executives, and doctors are.  Stupidity invades all aspects of society, and bodybuilding is no different.  The thought, however, that someone is stupid just because they workout all the time and get huge…well, that doesn’t make a lot of sense.  Some are legitimate meat heads, for sure.  Many many more are introspective, self-evaluating, determined, logical thinkers who have simply re-prioritized their life in a different way from the average person.
  • Bodybuilders are steroid freaks. At the professional level, you would be correct.  At the amateur level, you are more likely to be wrong.  They are certainly many amateur level bodybuilders who use and abuse anabolic androgenic steroids (henceforth referred to as AAS), but it is certainly possible to compete at a local and regional level as a completely natural competitor, any many people do this.  There are specific federations and sanctioning bodies that only hold natural shows, which are drug tested in some way.
  • Bodybuilders spend all their time in the gym.  The most successful bodybuilders hit the gym regularly (duh), but they know that spending endless hours in the gym is counterproductive.  One of the primary components of muscle growth is rest, and most bodybuilders figure this one out sooner or later (some continue with the marathon 3 hours workouts long after their body has asked them to stop – see point 1 above regarding stupid people).

There are many more myths out there waiting to be dispelled, but those are the top 3 I get confronted with all the time.  We’ll certainly have multiple rounds of “Bodybuilding:  Fact or Myth?” at a later time here.

So once again, welcome to Five Starr Physiques – it’s good to be here, and I’m glad you came by to visit.