Video Update! Form Fix – Rack Deadlift

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Bodybuilding, Bodybuilding Workouts | 0 comments

Hot off the presses in my Form Fix video series on YouTube, this time we’re going to break down the rack deadlift – a horribly misunderstood movement and we’re gonna fix that shit right now.

Why you’d include rack deadlifts in your routine

The point of the rack dead is to give you all the benefits of a conventional deadlift, but removing a bunch of the hip and knee extension by giving you a head start – so it takes what’s really a total body movement and really emphasizes the upper body parts of it.

The problem is that people take that good idea and then make a cartoon out of it, trying to turn a rack deadlift into a powerlifting movement where it’s all about how much weight you move – so muscle tension and focus takes a back seat, you start the movement higher and higher so your range of motion gets ever shorter, and then it’s like…what’s the damn point?

In this video I show a good version and a lousy version, and talk about some activation tips as well to ensure you’re keeping the focus where we want it throughout all of your reps.