Spots filling up quickly!

by | Dec 17, 2012 | Bodybuilding | 0 comments

If there’s one thing I feel sets me apart from other coaches out there, it’s the level of engagement I maintain with my team members.  I keep the quantity low to keep the quality high.  Spots for the 2013 competitive season are filling up quickly – if you want to try your hand at competing, or if you already have and are interested in stepping things up a notch and bringing a newer, better version of yourself to the stage this year – contact me and let’s get the ball rolling.

What can you expect from the process?  Initially we’ll have a brief phone call, during which time I’ll give you the 30,000 foot view of my approach to contest prep, and you get your chance to interview me and see if you think I’m the right coach to help you.  If you think I am, things start to move very quickly at that point.  I’ll have you complete a questionnaire and submit your initial progress pictures as quickly as possible, and we’ll schedule a Skype session for your formal orientation/interview.  This will last about an hour, and is my chance to really get to know you and help me design the best possible program for you.  We’ll also map out what the competitive year is going to look like for you, and discuss your physique’s strength, weaknesses, and areas we’ll be focusing on based on your progress photos.

From there I ask for 24-36 hours to complete your plan for the first week, and you’ll be off and running with the direction and guidance you need to be as successful as possible in 2013.  Expect to be in constant contact throughout the week, with a formal check-in and updated progress pictures due every 7 days to aid me in making plan adjustments for the upcoming week.

Competing is supposed to be a fun, rewarding, insightful, and social experience.  Joining my team helps take some of the pressure off your shoulders and gives you a built-in support network to make it a more positive experience.