NC State Championships on April 14th

by | Mar 24, 2012 | Bodybuilding | 0 comments

It’s been my experience that a lot of people who may be interested in competing in bodybuilding, physique, figure, or bikini have never actually been to see a show.  If this is you, here’s your chance to fix that.

On Saturday, April 14th in High Point, NC the North Carolina State Championships will be held.  I’ll be in attendance and taking a few clients with me to take in the experience and see what it’s all about.

I’ll be traveling to High Point from Asheville on Friday and staying the night there.  Anyone interested can hitch a ride with me or we can meet up at the show on Saturday morning.  It will be a great opportunity to see how a show works, talk about the judging and what goes into a winning look, and of course meet some cool people and get motivated!

Contact me via phone or e-mail if you’re interested in attending!