Wrecking Ball

by | Aug 12, 2018 | Workout Plans | 0 comments

Sometimes, you don’t NEED anything super fancy.  You need basic, sound programming that emphasize the principles that matter the most for growth – tension and fatigue!  The pump will be there as well for sure, but with these workouts I want to pull you into a slightly darker place and break down the walls around your comfort zone….hence the name!

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There are some supersets, giant sets, tempos, tough openers and harsh finishers throughout this series.  You’ve been warned – but we both know this is EXACTLY what you came for.  Workouts include:

  • Chest:  Blood Flow and Tension
  • Lava Quads
  • Arm Supersets are the Best
  • Shoulders:  Off to the Races
  • Single Leg Glute/Ham Bonanza
  • Back:  SQUEEZE IT!
  • Abs & Calves

Note:  all workout programs include detailed instructions including number of sets, rep targets/ranges, rest periods, and specific instructions on things to focus on or pay attention to during certain movements.  All workouts also include full video playlists where I demonstrate each move and narrate the key elements to think about.