Men’s Physique Blueprint

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Five Starr Physique client Billy Meyer on stage at his first show.

Men’s Physique Blueprint – Hitting the Aesthetic Demands

If you’ve competed in or looked in competing in Men’s Physique, you probably have an idea of the type of aesthetic that gets rewarded there – huge chest and shoulders, small waist, and a thick, wide back.  Legs are optional, but you’ll find that most successful MPD competitors do indeed have the wheels, the division just doesn’t let them show it on stage.

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Note:  all workout programs include detailed instructions including number of sets, rep targets/ranges, rest periods, and specific instructions on things to focus on or pay attention to during certain movements.  All workouts also include full video playlists where I demonstrate each move and narrate the key elements to think about.  This split is designed for a 4-week run.

Why the Men’s Physique Blueprint?

This workout program is built from the ground up with those aesthetic requirements in mind.  So yes we’ll be hitting legs, but only once.  Chest and back each get hit twice, along with arms and shoulders on their own days.  Realistically, this workout split is a guy’s dream – and whether you’re just getting started on your journey towards competing in Men’s Physique or you’ve done several shows already and are looking for a fresh injection of some new workout inspiration, this split will do the trick.

Workouts in this split include:

  • Chest Plus
  • Legs:  Turned up to 11
  • Arms:  Bust the Tape
  • Shirt Stuffer:  Chest & Back Supersets
  • Shoulders on Fire:  More Reps!
  • Back in the Saddle
  • Abs & Calves