Strategizing for 2013

by | Nov 16, 2012 | Bodybuilding, Contest Prep | 0 comments

It’s all about strategy, right?  If Sun Tzu was a bodybuilder, this would be his favorite time of year.  The competitive bodybuilding season kicks off in late March – though for those of us in Asheville, the earliest shows nearby are in mid-April.  That puts the New Year as the time when many will be starting their 16-week prep diets, which is about 5 weeks away.  What can you do in 5 weeks to help yourself prepare?  Plenty.  But let’s back things up a step and look at the process as a whole.

First, get an honest assessment of your physique.  Many people look to their spouse or significant other for this, but unless that person is an NPC judge you are making a huge mistake.  Realistically, it’s probably a mistake even if they are a judge.  You need someone to look at you objectively and with a trained eye who will give it to you straight (but nicely).  Your quads need work.  Shoulders lack separation.  Your posing is hurting your physique.  Whatever it is.

Second, check out my WNC-focused calendar for assistance in picking out a show.  This currently has show dates for 2012 but will be updated for 2013 in the coming days.  Typically shows occur on the same weekend year in and year out, the actual date just moves around a few days.

And finally, plan.  The season your show is in should reflect the physique assessment from above.  Have a good base built up already and starting out somewhat lean?  Great, let’s look 12-16 weeks ahead and start cutting you down.  Need to work on some imbalances before being stage ready?  Let’s set aside a couple months to focus on that and adjust plans accordingly.

As a prep coach, this is what I do.  It’s not just diet adjustments, workouts, cardio schedules, and progress pictures.  It’s the little things.  Which are actually some of the biggest things.  Even if your plans for 2013 are later in the year, start planning now.  Get in touch with me and let’s get you started on a path to success and getting that 1st callout you’ve been after.