The Drop Set – Episode 130: Body Types & Aesthetics, Dysmorphia Revisited, Travel

In today’s episode 130, we dig in on several different bodybuilding discussion points, staying largely out of the world of competitive bodybuilding and talking more about real world/practical subjects when it comes to a more typical body transformation. In the intro you can hear me equate my absolutely horrible guitar playing skills to bodybuilding (while mercifully sparing you from hearing any of said guitar playing), and then I yell for a bit and give Taz a complex when the Pet Peeve of the Week makes its’ return appearance.

0:00 – Intro/personal update!
12:40 – Bodybuilder vs. Abercrombie model – aesthetic differences
17:45 – LCHAD deficiency disorder
21:15 – Pet Peeve of the Week
23:48 – Body Dysmorphia
32:40 – Planning for travel/vacation

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