Finish Them – KNOW when you’re done!

There’s nothing quite like a quality finisher after a hard-ass workout, and that’s the premise behind this entire split.  All workouts feature an FST-7 style finisher to wrap up the punishment session, designed to maximize blood flow, promote growth, and help recalibrate your internal “intensity meter” so you push HARDER more frequently

Take things to the next level with a workout split that's hard enough WITHOUT the finisher I've added to the end of each session. #fivestarrphysique #bodybuilding #workout Click To Tweet

Note:  all workout programs include detailed instructions including number of sets, rep targets/ranges, rest periods, and specific instructions on things to focus on or pay attention to during certain movements.  All workouts also include full video playlists where I demonstrate each move and narrate the key elements to think about.  This split is designed for a 4-week run.

Workouts in this split include:

  • Chest (high volume)
  • Quads (high rep)
  • Arms (constant tension)
  • Die Shoulders, Die
  • Posterior Chain (high rep)
  • Back/Traps (high volume)
  • Abs & Calves

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