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Effectively Logging your Workouts

If you’re reading this, you should be logging your workouts.  Unless you have a freakshow memory, you just aren’t going to remember all the important stuff – and if you do this long enough, all the days/weeks/months/years tend to blend into each other and before you know it, you’re going to the gym to hit […]

The Drop Set – Episode 5: Gym Efficiency & Coping w/Holidays!

More Q&A, a total softball thrown my way in “bodybuilding myths”, a discussion on how to be more efficient in the gym and also how to cope with holidays and all the associated food!

Contest divisions and your body

If you read my earlier post on the different divisions at a physique contest, you know that there are 7 total divisions – 2 for men, and a whopping 5 for women.  That’s a lot to choose from – so how do you make the best decision for yourself? It comes down to this – […]

Video: Lifting straps explained

As I explain in the introduction to the video, it seems nobody really understands how to use lifting straps correctly.  If you search around you’ll certainly be inundated with opinions on why straps are good, bad, or downright evil – but we’re going to completely sidestep that discussion for now.  This video assumes you’ve found […]

Is your ‘routine’ hurting you?

I’ve mentioned before my semi-masochistic tendency to frequent the forums.  Here’s something you see all the time – people asking for critiques of their workout routine.  Here’s a direct cut-and-paste of one poster’s routine: I Squats heavy Bench press BB heavy Cabel crossover Incline Bench BB DB Pullover DB flies II Cardio III Calves […]

HIIT it hard!

If you’ve competed – or thought about it – before, you probably know about or have at least heard of HIIT.  High-Intensity Interval Training is an exercise format that gets you working with a significantly higher heart rate.  Combined with a correctly devised and timed diet, this can be a fantastic way to get in […]

A primer on contest divisions

With 2 new options at the sub-national level in NPC contests in 2012, there are now 7 divisions to compete in at most bodybuilding shows – 5 for women and 2 for men.  Let’s break them down individually from a bird’s eye view and we’ll take a closer look at specific divisions in later posts. […]

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