Form Fix – 1 Arm DB Row

by | Nov 19, 2018 | Bodybuilding, Bodybuilding Workouts | 0 comments

In my latest video update in the Form Fix series I’m posting to YouTube, I’m tackling an exercise that I consider to be a bit of a litmus test for a client as I just start working with them.

If you’ve read anything about the way I coach, you know I do not take a passive approach to training and just ‘assume’ that everyone knows what they’re doing in the gym.  To the contrary, I assume you DON’T until you show me otherwise.  If we’re looking to progress consistently and avoid plateaus, it’s best to get a handle very early on exactly where you sit on the spectrum of training intensity – always aiming to move you further along

Why this move matters

The 1 arm DB row is such a good indicator of overall training experience because by watching ONE REP, I can get a good idea of your overall mind/muscle connection with your back.  It’s very easy to spot with this exercise if that connection is off, versus something like a pulldown that can LOOK right while there’s an absolute minimal amount of muscle activation happening.

In this video I break down the issues that I commonly see and show you how to fix them.  You can also check out the entire playlist of Form Fix videos with a new one being added every week.