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New Division for Men – AKA, the System is Broken

Last week the NPC and IFBB shared a joint announcement introducing the division of a new “classic physique” division for men, described as being in-between the current men’s physique and bodybuilding divisions.  There were be mandatory poses and routines, and attire will be “spandex trunks/shorts” – so once again, legs will matter. Watch the full […]

Weight tracking and expectations

Up-front disclaimer:  I don’t expect daily weigh-ins from all of my clients, and certainly not regardless of the phase of their training.  It takes a certain level of emotional detachment from the scale number (a skill worth learning) to make this worth the effort, but the insight you can gain from this process is extremely […]

Why everyone should practice posing

Yes, even non-competitors. If you have any desire to step on stage, you need to being practicing your posing now.  It is absolutely impossible to spend too much time working on it.  The more time you spend on it, the more automatic it becomes.  The more opportunity you have to see room for improvements and […]

My coaching principles and philosophies

I am sometimes asked outright by inquisitive people exactly what my priorities and strategies are when it comes to getting someone stage ready.  It’s a totally fair question, and a monologue that is part of my standard orientation for people when they first join the team.  Every competitor is a unique individual with their own […]

NC State recap – Taylor wins!

We just wrapped up a BIG weekend in High Point, North Carolina for the 2013 BSN North Carolina State Championships.  Five Starr Physique’s lone representative at the show, Taylor Spadaccino, competed in open bikini class C and took home 1st place!  It was a competitive class that went 11 deep but Taylor had exactly what […]

Competing and Staying Healthy

There has been, in my opinion, a very welcome trend developing lately in the area of contest prep.  Websites like and individuals like Layne Norton have been speaking up and waving their arms around trying to get people to increase their awareness of ‘metabolic damage’.  If we were looking to define exactly what metabolic […]

Pros and cons of hiring an online prep coach

In the world of competitive bodybuilding – which for the sake of this discussion is the term we will use to also cover bikini, figure, and men’s & women’s physique – one thing is certain:  if you go it alone, the potential for things to suck goes way up. Most people recognize the need for […]

Spots filling up quickly!

If there’s one thing I feel sets me apart from other coaches out there, it’s the level of engagement I maintain with my team members.  I keep the quantity low to keep the quality high.  Spots for the 2013 competitive season are filling up quickly – if you want to try your hand at competing, […]

2012 Charlotte Cup Recap

This last weekend on April 28th I competed in the 2012 NPC Charlotte Cup at the Blake Hotel in downtown Charlotte, NC.  It was a phenomenal experience all around and I had a fantastic time. Pre-judging went well and I was pleased with how I looked going in – I certainly would have liked to […]

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