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No one matters but you

Ok, listen up – I’m giving everyone reading this permission.  Permission to be completely self-centered, absorbed, and borderline narcissistic.  You are the center of the universe.  Block everyone else out.  Picture yourself, alone, on top of a mountain somewhere.  You, and nothing else. This is the prism through which you need to assess your progress. […]

NC State recap – Taylor wins!

We just wrapped up a BIG weekend in High Point, North Carolina for the 2013 BSN North Carolina State Championships.  Five Starr Physique’s lone representative at the show, Taylor Spadaccino, competed in open bikini class C and took home 1st place!  It was a competitive class that went 11 deep but Taylor had exactly what […]

Packing for your show

Ok – the dieting is done, you’ve completed your last workout on Tuesday or Wednesday, your peak week plan is in full swing, and you’re just about ready to take off for your show.  If the show isn’t in your home town, it’s highly recommended that you stay in the host hotel recommended by the […]

2012 Charlotte Cup Recap

This last weekend on April 28th I competed in the 2012 NPC Charlotte Cup at the Blake Hotel in downtown Charlotte, NC.  It was a phenomenal experience all around and I had a fantastic time. Pre-judging went well and I was pleased with how I looked going in – I certainly would have liked to […]

The logistical pitfalls of competing

I love my parents, don’t get me wrong.  They are awesome and have done absolutely everything for me that they could possible be expected to, and then some.  When I moved across the country from Oregon to Asheville, it was probably a bit of a shock to them as it was my first time ‘moving […]

The First WPD Pro Show – What Happened?

On Saturday, the 2012 IFBB Desert Muscle Classic was held in Mesa, Arizona.  While a very small show (as IFBB productions go), this show was very notable due to being the first professional show featuring the women’s physique division (WPD). WPD was introduced last year at the national level NPC shows.  Any competitor who was […]

Contest divisions and your body

If you read my earlier post on the different divisions at a physique contest, you know that there are 7 total divisions – 2 for men, and a whopping 5 for women.  That’s a lot to choose from – so how do you make the best decision for yourself? It comes down to this – […]

Taking better progress pictures

Bodybuilding, figure, physique, bikini – whatever division you compete in, it’s all about the visuals.  It doesn’t matter who on stage has the biggest arms or the lowest bodyfat, it’s about – among other things – who looks like they have the biggest arms and the lowest bodyfat.  Perception is not always reality in this […]

The importance of posing

Quick, look at the figure competitors pictured above.  Can you spot who has spent their time practicing their posing correctly? Regardless of the division you choose to compete in – bodybuilding, physique, figure, or bikini – your posing is possibly the single most important element in determining your success. Bodybuilding, figure, whatever division you compete […]

HIIT it hard!

If you’ve competed – or thought about it – before, you probably know about or have at least heard of HIIT.  High-Intensity Interval Training is an exercise format that gets you working with a significantly higher heart rate.  Combined with a correctly devised and timed diet, this can be a fantastic way to get in […]

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